Volume 25 Issue 5
Volume 25 Issue 5
Genome Sequencing in Medicine
Oct-Nov 2012
Will Insurance Cover Genome Sequencing?
By CRG staff - interview with Joanne Armstrong
Doctors (Cautiously) Onboard
By Jeremy Lazarus
Privacy in the Age of Revelation
By CRG staff - interview with Anita Allen
In Memoriam: A Tribute to Barry Commoner
By Sheldon Krimsky
More Science Than Art
By Paul Billings
The Genome Sequencing and Privacy Report: A Missed Opportunity
By Mark A. Rothstein
Computer Science
By CRG staff - interview with Steven Salzberg
Managing Your Genetic Portfolio
By Maggie Curnutte, Melody Slashinski
Great Expectations, Modest Returns
By Donna Dickenson
Questioning the Utility of Whole Genome Sequencing
By Helen Wallace
The Complicated Cost-Benefit Calculus of Newborn Screening
By Vani Kilakkathi
Notes From the Field: Forensic Genetics in India
By Jeremy Gruber
Topic Update: GMO Labeling
By CRG Staff
Editor's Note
By Samuel W. Anderson
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The Council for Responsible Genetics’ Genetic Privacy Manual: Understanding the Threats- Understanding Your Rights will be a comprehensive, electronic source of information for the consumer on these issues.
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Cloning and Human Genetic Manipulation
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