Volume 23 Issue 5
Volume 23 Issue 5
Gene Patents
Oct-Dec 2010
Genes, Patents, Common Sense and the Law
By James Evans
When the Grass Eats the Cows
By John Conley, Dan Vorhaus
Is Government Getting Out of the Ethics Business?
By Jeremy Gruber
The Plaintiffs
By CRG staff - Interview with Sandra Park, ACLU
The Defendants
By CRG staff - interview with Richard Marsh, Myriad Genetics
Protecting the Intellectual Foundations of Genetic Science
By Eileen Kane
The Danger of the Broad Brush
By Christopher M. Holman
The Overstated Case
By Robert Cook-Deegan
The Sky Is Not Falling
By CRG staff - interview with Daniel Ravicher, Public Patent Foundation
Why Banning Patents Would Hurt Patients
By Sharon Terry
The Physical Embodiment of Information
By Magdalina Gugucheva
A Return to Judging
By Michele Goodwin
Why Genes Must Remain Eligible for Patenting
By Kevin Noonan
Naturally Occurring Genes and the Commons by Necessity
By David Koepsell
Foiling Gene Patents: The Salzberg Screen
By CRG staff - interview with Steven Salzberg
In Defense of a Working Good
By Paul Billings
Freedom of Genes
By Debra Greenfield
Patents on Genes, Organisms - and Human(oid)s?
By Stuart Newman
Synthetic Biology: The Next Wave of Patents on Life
By Jaydee Hanson, Eric Hoffman
EEOC Issues Strong Final Rule Implementing GINA
By Jeremy Gruber
Dangerous Harvest
By Diane Beeson
Reproductive Trafficking
By Hedva Eyal
Film Review: Eggsploitation
By Kathleen Sloan
Topic Updates: DNA Alarm Systems, Sickle Cell Testing, GM Mosquitoes
By CRG Staff
Dedication: Paul Steven Miller
By Jeremy Gruber
Editor's Note
By Samuel W. Anderson
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For centuries, human societies have divided population groups into separate races. While there is no scientific basis for this, people unquestioningly accept these classifications as fact.
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The Council for Responsible Genetics’ Genetic Privacy Manual: Understanding the Threats- Understanding Your Rights will be a comprehensive, electronic source of information for the consumer on these issues.
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