Volume 23 Issue 4
Volume 23 Issue 4
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing
Aug-Sep 2010
Lessons Learned: How Berkeley Came to Abruptly Change Its Genetic Testing Program
By Jeremy Gruber
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: What’s the Prognosis?
By Jordan P. Lerner-Ellis, J. David Ellis, Robert Green
The Broken Clock: Accuracy and Utility of DTC Tests
By CRG staff - interview with James Evans
Consumer Genomics and the Empowered Patient
By Paul Billings
Not What the Doctor Ordered
By Sheldon Krimsky
DTC Genetic Testing: A UK Perspective
By Helen Wallace
False Reassurance
By CRG staff - interview with Adele Schneider
In Their Words: 23andMe
By CRG staff - interview with Anne Wojcicki and Ashley Gould
Genetic Counselors: Don't Get Tested Without One
By CRG staff - interview with Elizabeth Kearney
DTC Genetic Testing: Consumer Privacy Concerns
By Jeremy Gruber
The $1,000 Genome: Caveat Emptor
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
A View From the Inside
By Nancy Connell
DNA Profiling Is Tested in California
By CRG Staff
Fishy Business at the FDA
By Eric Hoffman
By Samuel W. Anderson
Search: GeneWatch
The use of forensic DNA databases by law enforcement around the globe is expanding at a rate that should be of great concern to civil libertarians.
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Genetic Determinism
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