Volume 23 Issue 2
Volume 23 Issue 2
Biolab Safety
Mar-Apr 2010
A Cruel and Unusual Corporation
By Ralph Nader
A Roach in the Kitchen
By CRG staff - interview with Becky McClain
Commentary: GM Crops
By Eric Hoffman
Dedication: Tony Mazzocchi
By Jeremy Gruber
Give Them an Inch...
By Michael Siciliano
One Bug, One Drug
By Lynn C. Klotz, Edward Sylvester
The Lab in My Backyard
By Beth Willis
Teatime in the Lab
By Samuel W. Anderson
Book Review: Breeding Bio Insecurity and Germs Gone Wild
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
Flushing It Down the Rabbit Hole
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
Topic: Genetic Discrimination
By Jeremy Gruber
Topic: Forensic DNA Databanks
By CRG Staff
The Case of Dr. Malcolm Casadaban
By CRG Staff
By Samuel W. Anderson
Search: GeneWatch
The Council for Responsible Genetics’ Genetic Privacy Manual: Understanding the Threats- Understanding Your Rights will be a comprehensive, electronic source of information for the consumer on these issues.
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Genetic Testing, Privacy and Discrimination
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