Volume 22 Issue 3-4
Volume 22 Issue 3-4
Race and Genetics
Jul-Aug 2009
The Elusive Variability of Race
By Patricia Williams
The Color of Our Genes
By Osagie Obasogie
Post-Conviction DNA Testing and the William Osborne Case
By CRG staff - interview with Nina Morrison, Innocence Project
Racial Disparities in Databanking of DNA Profiles
By Michael T. Risher
BiDil and Racialized Medicine
By Jonathan Kahn
Natural Selection, the Human Genome, and the Idea of Race
By Robert Pollack
Ancestry Testing and DNA: Uses, Limits - and Caveat Emptor
By Troy Duster
Race, Genes and Intelligence
By Pilar Ossorio
Book Review: Intelligence and How to Get It
By Andrew D. Thibedeau
A Short History of the Race Concept
By Michael Yudell
Health Care and Insurance Reform: Improving Access, Recognizing Limits
By CRG staff - interview with George Annas
Film Review: Fateful Harvest
By Andrew Kimbrell
Search: GeneWatch
The use of forensic DNA databases by law enforcement around the globe is expanding at a rate that should be of great concern to civil libertarians.
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Women and Biotechnology
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