Who's Your Daddy? DNA Truck on Fifth Avenue and Garfield Place

by jeeg 8. March 2013 19:58

If you happen to be a deadbeat dad living in the Slope, you should avoid having brunch at AOC Bistro at all costs.  This photo of a mobile paternity testing lab was taken on 5th Avenue, recently.  So, if you're avoiding paying child support on all those babies that your lying, cheating ex-girlfriend says were because of you...well, you should just find some other place in Park Slope to eat quiche lorraine.

Personally, I'm hoping this means that Maury Povich is planning a Very Special Park Slope Paternity Show.  (By the way, did you know that in the month of February, 2010, Maury's show only had four weekdays that month, where they did NOT do paternity tests?  Totally true.)  Like, maybe Maury will just start randomly swabbing kids in strollers and then he'll instill paranoia in their well-heeled Slope mommies, and then Daddy gets home after a really fucked-up commute home on the F-Train, and suddenly a marriage is ruined.  I love America.  Don't you?

With Moutarde and Belleville closed, options for French food in the 'hood are dwindling.  And options for getting a paternity test while eating moules frites have never been all that abundant to begin with.  So, I think it's really terrific that AOC Bistro has graciously presented the neighborhood with a convenient way to eat affordable bistro cuisine with a convenient option for determine who your baby-daddy might be.

Thomas, F'D in Park Slope


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