When Food Is Genetically Modified

by jeeg 4. May 2015 23:27

To the Editor:

Re “How I Got Converted to G.M.O. Food” (NY Times Sunday Review, April 26):

Mark Lynas claims that there is a scientific consensus on the safety of consuming G.M.O. plants. There is nothing intrinsically safe or dangerous when genes from distant species are introduced into plants. Each genetically modified food is a separate entity that must be independently and rigorously tested to ensure its safety.

Unfortunately, current United States regulations do not require such testing, and the majority of studies supporting the writer’s claims have either been funded or produced by industry. To even speak of G.M.O.’s as a single entity that can be called “safe” to consume or good for the environment is entirely unscientific.



New York

The writers are, respectively, chairman and president of the Council for Responsible Genetics. They are co-editors of the book “The G.M.O. Deception.”

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