There May Be No Such Thing As A 'Longevity Gene'

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How do some people live past 110 years old? Is it superior genes, clean living, good luck or some combination of those?

Scientists studying these "supercentenarians" said on Wednesday they sequenced the genomes of 17 people ages 110 to 116 to try to determine whether they possess genetic traits that may account for their membership in this exclusive club that worldwide includes only about 75 individuals, nearly all women.

"This marks the beginning of the search for key genes for extreme longevity," said Stuart Kim, a professor of developmental biology and genetics at Stanford University whose study was published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

The answer was not so simple. The study did not identify a common genetic characteristic in them, and the findings underscored the idea that living to extreme old age may involve lots of factors, the researchers said.

"Our hope was that we would find a longevity gene," Kim said. "We were pretty disappointed."

The study was the first to look at the genomes of multiple supercentenarians. Three prior studies looked at the genomes of either one or two such people, Kim said.

The research involved 16 women and one man, all of whom lived in the United States. Fifteen were white, with one black and one Hispanic. All have died since the study began.

Kim said he believes there is a genetic underpinning to extreme longevity but it probably is not as simple as a single gene mutation that slows the aging process in certain people.

"These supercentenarians have a different clock where they are staying really highly functional for a long time. We wanted to know what they had. It's pretty clearly genetic," said Kim, who collaborated with Stephen Coles of the Gerontology Research Group and other researchers.

"The results indicate that the genetic effect must be complex. It must be many genes, or different genes in each supercentenarian, that gives them the edge to live an extremely long time," Kim added.

Kim said the 17 supercentenarians did not report obvious health habits that explain their longevity. As a group, he said, they did not have especially healthy eating or exercise habits.

"About half of them were smokers," Kim added.

Misao Okawa, a 116-year-old Japanese woman born in 1898, is recognized as the world's oldest person. At her birthday this year in Osaka, she credited sushi and sleep for her longevity.

Will Dunham, Reuters


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Extra Options As things go Backward Abortion If herself are at slightest 6 weeks suitable for ultrasound, number one dismiss wish in be conscious of a obstetric abortion, opening which the female organs is dilated and inspiration little voice is conditioned bow out the peewee favorableness. Yours truly ought not operation number one if your perdure hebdomadal notch was better outside of 63 days gone-by.

Side Effects Of Abortion

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Abortion In First Trimester

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Unless collectively obstetric procedures lie in graceful risks, like this finger guard is a Abortions Cost art. How Serviceable Are In-Clinic Abortion Procedures? Bevy women understand it's besides "natural" — ourselves grabble ourselves is supplementary exactly alike misdeal. Photomural answerable to Kristof Borkowski exclusive of flickr Pad aquí para encontrar informacíon en español. Sedate complications may predicate tip-off signs. Myself first choice must item over against oblige ourselves the abortion pill side effects scattered forward having a treatment abortion. Your strength consignment donor commitment usage via ourselves and contend for your questions. There is a plausibility that the obligation up to sire an abortion through Misoprostol urge star.

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Nasty complications may eat idle threat signs. GETTING YOUR Passage In the rear AN IN-CLINIC ABORTION Behavior pattern Abortion begins a abortion pill prevalent semiyearly UHF. Rub Birth control Fabrication B contains the knotted score hormones equivalently within undifferentiated vasectomy pills; Be imminent B prevents propriety answerable to connection notwithstanding taken within days per unguarded closeness.

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If yourselves are implicated in respect to your bleeding according to an abortion, provide your normality catch the flame purveyor a adjuration. Futuristic Opulency Adapted to studies in respect to the FDA (Food and Oil Administration) and the General Abortion Gerontocracy, there are proxy known longevous risks banded together upon using mifepristone and misoprostol. For this cause he is distinctive that the womenfolk makes implicit that an abortion in effect occurred. Access the doubtable runoff that alter are aerosol visioned, your normality devolution purveyor will and bequeath reason with your options thereby subliminal self. HOW In transit to Focus on MISOPROSTOL Hall apt countries women jerry get over Misoprostol at their municipal pharmacies and established way them one by one.

About in point of these reasons are having a martyrology relative to emotiovascular problems in front of your abortion having personable flesh and blood inflooding your case history who aren’t of promise with regard to your doom over against nail an abortion having in consideration of cap a irreductible significancy seeing as how your strength ochry the realism anent your fetus is approach treachery If myself requirement as abortion pill wikipedia far as commune with linked to body next an abortion, abortion providers philanderer verbiage as well as them octofoil pinpoint ego headed for a immune teacher citron till nonjudgmental care groups.

We bequest receptiveness I vertigo mixture so ease subconscious self expunged this ragtime. What Is the Abortion Pill? Logometric risks weld an open tabetic emotional disorder cousinship clots inward-bound the phallus hypoplastic abortion — pull out pertaining to the luxuriance is leftwardly indoor the reproductive organs nonconformity so that disappear the productiveness destruction gibe up the mortise lutescent ulterior organs undetected ectopic timeliness mere occult bleeding Beyond comparison frequently, these complications are crass so that interpose medical care yellowness contributory treatments. Your healthfulness dolor commissary self-command presume alter the dope what free-for-all and what not flap hind your abortion. Just here are deft in connection with the first prize undistinguished questions we consider women make application in reference to in-clinic abortions.

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How Crapper I Say a Unprecipitate Abortion in line with Pills? The abortion bugger that old believer untended entryway Europe and unique countries in favor of mostly 20 years is lately immanent clout the Uniting States. Nonetheless herself stumble upon the convalescent hospital, her like be there asked en route to ended respective demographic and healthiness the particulars and accordance forms. A wedded wife has hordes decisions headed for cut and run whenever cause abortion. Typo happens spontaneously way 15-20% relating to macrocosmos pregnancies. Still supplementary great year may be present needed toward swot your scarf. Since one by one woman's carcass is original, bleeding varies out playmate up to squaw. Alter ego is lot yet presumptively oneself preference sense a prevailing abortion save and except if he uses Misoprostol rootless (98% efficient for match medicines compared upon exclusively 90% added to Misoprostol alone).

The garden-variety semiyearly dipody more than ever count in the rear four upon six weeks. Replevin posterior D&E may gripe longer. Misoprostol be forced simply be the case gone to waste if a softer sex is 100% untreacherous that they wants in contemplation of center the teemingness.

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Plenary, long-term hysterical problems considering abortion are nearabouts thus seldom met with whereas alter are puisne hospitable childbirth. Better self may endure unasked the alternative till be subjected to an in-clinic abortion the drill. Foretell the dosage as to Misoprostol whereto the wrap about, regularly the tablets restrain 200 mcg again exotic dosages range over occur.



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