The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative Launches New Website

by jeeg 16. February 2012 01:20

Today, 60 countries worldwide operate national DNA databases (many of which are considering expansion) and databases are being considered in at least 34 additional countries.


The use of DNA profiling in criminal investigations can bring benefits to society by helping to solve crimes and assisting in the enforcement of the rule of law. However, the storage of DNA collected from individuals and the inclusion of computerized DNA profiles on computer databases raises important human rights concerns.   Your DNA profile can be used to track you or your relatives. Your DNA sample contains personal information about your health.  More and more innocent people around the world are being added to DNA databases.


The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative seeks to achieve a direct impact on the human rights standards adopted for DNA databases across the world.


Our aims are to:


  • build global civil society’s capacities to engage in the policy-making processes on the development of national and international DNA databases and cross-border sharing of forensic information


  • protect human rights by setting international standards for DNA databases




For more information, please visit:

Through this site you can find a collection of resources on the subject of national DNA databases; you can add to these resources and engage in discussion on any related topic.

An appropriate middle ground between the legitimate needs of law enforcement and a respect for individual rights is achievable.  We must start now.  Please join us!



The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative is a collaboration of Privacy International, GeneWatch UK and the Council for Responsible Genetics




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