Police Seek DNA from Family Members of Missing Persons

by jeeg 30. October 2012 20:59

Tulsa police are asking family members of missing people to visit their booth at the Tulsa State Fair. The Tulsa Police Department’s crime scene unit will be available Friday and Saturday at the west end of the QuikTrip Center’s upper level to provide information on open missing-persons cases. Investigators will also be taking DNA samples from “as many family members of missing persons as possible” using a swab inside the individual’s mouth, according to a news release. The department described the samples as invaluable to solving missing-persons cases. “The Tulsa Police crime scene unit strives to utilize any tool or technique available to solve these cases. (The department) welcomes input from the public, without whose aid and assistance many of these cases would remain unsolved,” police said.

Tulsa World

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