New episodes of GeneWatch TV now online!

by jeeg 29. July 2013 21:26


GeneWatch magazine's new Youtube video channel, GeneWatch TV, has 6 new episodes online now!

Each new issue of GeneWatch magazine now comes with a video component highlighting the key people and hot topics in its pages.


You can hear highly regarded journalist Michael Pollan and noted academic David Suzuki discuss the state of the science of genetically modified food and the challenges to scientific study. 

You can hear the challenges and concerns about greater introduction of whole genome sequencing in medicine and returning research results form genetic studies.


You can hear from parents describe in their own words how their child's DNA was taken without their consent during newborn screening 


And take a test that helps you separate gene facts from gene myths.


Tune into GeneWatch TV now at:


GeneWatch TV is accessible on all mobile devices.


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