New Newborn DNA Sequencing Research Project

by jeeg 1. November 2012 21:04

A new research project is aiming to determine ways that newborn DNA sequencing can be done most responsibly and effectively for the benefit of babies and their families. The project is led by Robert C. Green, a physician-scientist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Director of the Genomes to People research program, and member of the Council for Responsible Genetics' Board of Directors.

The project will offer DNA sequencing to parents of newborn babies, then observe their experiences—How did the pediatrician interpret the sequencing results? How did parents respond to the results? What was impact on parents' stress levels, on parent-child bonding, or on their healthcare decisions down the road?

To learn more about this project – and to cast a vote to help fund it – visit

To learn more about the Genomes to People research program, visit

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