New Issue of Genewatch on Gene Patents

by jeeg 25. December 2010 03:24

Check out the brand new issue of GeneWatch magazine on Gene Patents.  This exciting new issue features interviews with the litigants in the suit against Myriad Genetics.  That case-in which a district court ruled several of Myriad Genetics' patents on genes related to breast cancer invalid, has drawn national media attention, and with it, the kind of hyperbole made for sound bites. Some opponents of gene patents don't mind suggesting that by patenting human genes, a company or scientist literally owns us; while some pro-patent advocates seem to believe that the biotech industry, and the entire country with it, is on its way to utter ruin if gene patents are invalidated.

Yet in a debate so rife with hyperbole, there is a wide gulf of gray area. Even if the Myriad case-currently under appeal-must ultimately fall one direction or the other, it has stirred up a wider discussion with plenty of room for nuance.   Read a wide range of essays by experts in the field exploring this cutting edge issue.

This issue also features several essays on reproductive trafficking, egg donation and other ethical issues resulting from the large increase is use of assisted reproductive technologies.

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