New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine-Religion & Genetics

by jeeg 3. October 2013 23:00

Advancements in medical genetics have challenged the long-standing relationship between science and religion. Both genetics and religion can affect notions of family and parenthood, appreciation of diversity and equality, conceptualization of health and disease, and personal identity.  To study the interface of religion and spirituality and genetics is to study the interaction of two powerful interpretive schemes for self-understanding.


The new issue of GeneWatch magazine, now available online, brings together a diverse group of experts to examine these intersections. From engaging patients’ religious preferences in the application of clinical genetics to the National Center for Science Education’s battle against the misuse of genetic science to disprove evolution, from studying rare genetic disorders in the Amish community to indigenous critics of genomic research and its effect on their creation narratives, from exploring Muslim bioethics, to the tension between Christian faith and assisted reproductive technologies, to Israel’s Law of Return and what it means to be Jewish, there’s something for everyone in this issue.  Controversial pieces ask if the existence of religion has its origins in the human genome and whether genetics itself is a religion. And a biologist reflects on his religious life and asks the question, “Can faith broaden reason?”


This issue also includes the full story, for the first time anywhere, of molecular biologist and whistleblower Becky McClain’s victimization and subsequent victory for biotech workers against one of the world’s largest corporations.


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About GeneWatch


It is hard to keep up with the rush of information and opinion set off by the rapid growth in genetic research and technology. Without our fully realizing it, genetic technology is entering almost every area of our lives; from the genetically modified foods we eat, to the biodiversity of our eco-system, from human health and reproductive technologies to the operation of the criminal justice system. The public needs information from a trusted source.


For 30 years GeneWatch, CRG’s award-winning magazine, has filled this critical role. GeneWatch covers a broad spectrum of domestic and international issues: genetically engineered foods, biological weapons, genetic privacy and discrimination, reproductive technologies, and human cloning. GeneWatch features articles by international experts in the field, interviews of critical figures, profiles of every-day individuals impacted by developments in biotechnology, and reviews of books and movies.


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Since 1983, the Council for Responsible Genetics has represented the public interest and fostered public debate about the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetic technologies.  CRG is a leader in the movement to steer biotechnology toward the advancement of public health, environmental protection, equal justice, and respect for human rights.



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