New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine-Genetics in Agriculture

by jeeg 11. March 2013 20:17

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine: 

Genetics in Agriculture


Genetics in agriculture is nothing new; hu­mans have been manipulating other species’ genetics to serve our needs and desires for thousands of years. So when scientists first learned in the late 1970s how to sequence DNA and transfer it from one kind of or­ganism to another, trying to improve food and other crop plants by introduc­ing foreign genes was among the first applications proposed. Today, there is a broad range of applications and opinions on the use of genetics in agriculture, from ag­ricultural biodiversity to transgenic technologies, from research priori­ties to consumer activism.


There is plenty to say about genetically modified crops, but even if that is where your passions lie, the role of genetics in shaping the plants and animals that feed us goes much, much deeper.


The new issue of GeneWatch magazine, now available online, brings together a diverse group of experts to examine the various ways that research in genetics affects agriculture in America and around the world.  This timely issue includes interviews with the Seed Savers Exchange about a grand collective effort to preserve crop diversity, from seed banks to garden plots all over North America and the Swiss Village Farm Foundation which preserves germplasm (semen and embryos) from rare and endangered breeds of food and fiber livestock.


The issue includes articles on agricultural applications of cloning and synthetic biology, examinations of the state of the science on and the growing movement to label genetically modified foods and an update on the work of Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini who ignited a firestorm of debate with the publication of a paper in Food and Chemical Toxicology on the long term toxicity of Roundup herbicide and Roundup-tolerant genetically modi­fied maize. 


Also featured is a book review of Dr. Jonathan Kahn’s new book Race in a Bottle, along with topical updates on everything from debates on genetically engineered children to the recent Supreme Court hearing on Monsanto Corporation’s lawsuit against an Indiana farmer for patent infringement. 


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About GeneWatch


It is hard to keep up with the rush of information and opinion coming out as the result of the rapid growth in genetic research and technology today. Even without our fully realizing it, genetic technology is entering almost every area of our lives; from the genetically modified foods that we eat, to the biodiversity of our eco-system, from human health and reproductive technologies to the operation of the criminal justice system. The public needs information from a trusted source.


For 30 years GeneWatch, CRG’s award-winning magazine, has filled this critical role. GeneWatch covers a broad spectrum of domestic and international issues, from genetically engineered foods to biological weapons, genetic privacy and discrimination, reproductive technologies, and human cloning. GeneWatch features articles by international experts in the field, interviews of critical figures, profiles of every day individuals impacted by developments in biotechnology and reviews of books and movies.


GeneWatch is available by subscription for delivery or for free online. Please visit the CRG website for more information at


Since 1983, the Council for Responsible Genetics has represented the public interest and fostered public debate about the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetic technologies.  CRG is a leader in the movement to steer biotechnology toward the advancement of public health, environmental protection, equal justice, and respect for human rights.


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