Injured Pfizer Biotech Worker And Molecular Biologist Becky McClain Endorses Dina Padilla For California Department Of Insurance Commissioner

by jeeg 18. August 2010 13:36

I am happy to endorse Dina Padilla for California Insurance Commissioner.  Dina has decades of leadership and experience in fighting for worker’s rights related to workers compensation insurance.  She is honest and takes a stand for integrity, defending injured workers who deserve healthcare. 
Dina will fight for the public’s good as well.  She will insure that companies who run from their responsibilities toward injured workers and thereby place unjust monetary burdens onto the public are stopped. 
In the same way, Dina’s fight is connected to my struggle for justice for healthcare rights here in Connecticut.  After incurring an exposure to a genetically engineered human infectious virus at work and becoming very ill, I was told that trade secrets superceded my right to information necessary for directed healthcare.  Even with a doctor’s request, worker’s compensation denied me the right to this information and, thereby, denied directed medical care to me.  This injustice is only one of the many blatant disregards for human rights issues that workers face in this country.
The deception, lies and cover-up by employers to avoid responsibility for injured workers is a systemic problem throughout this country.  It leaves many injured and ill workers kicked to the curb, loosing their jobs, health and homes.  It makes the public pay when the companies should.  Dina wants to change that.
You will have to go a long way to find someone like Dina who will fight for what is right.  Dina is the only candidate who can do the job that is desperately needed today.  She is the resounding voice that will stand against corruption within the insurance industry and fight for worker’s rights, human rights and the public’s welfare. I only wish that we had a Dina Padilla running for Insurance Commissioner here in Connecticut.
I wholeheartedly endorse Dina Padilla for California Insurance Commissioner
Becky McClain
Injured biotech worker


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