Inborn Talent Genetic Test: New Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test for Buffoonery

by jeeg 11. June 2010 20:20

Absurdism is a philosophy stating that the efforts of humanity to find inherent meaning in the universe will ultimately fail (and hence are absurd), because no such meaning exists, at least in relation to the individual. “The Absurd,” therefore, is commonly used in philosophical discourse to refer to the clash between the human search for meaning and the human inability to find any.  The newest direct-to-consumer product marketed by Singapore-based MyGeneProfile offers what can only be called The Genetic Absurd: the Inborn Talent Genetic Test.  “Because of [our] in-depth gene mapping knowledge,” the company website proclaims, “we can determine the inborn or natural talents of your child.”  For the discounted price of $1,397 and claims of “99.8% proven accuracy,” MyGeneProfile will:

reveal to you your child’s Inborn Talent Genetic Test results you will have the unique DNA knowledge to make clear and correct decisions. You can use the results to know exactly what you need to do make the right decisions about your child’s future!

Is your child the next Einstein, Bill Gates, or Tiger Woods?  As the MyGeneProfile ramshackle website proclaims: “Knowledge is Power.”  Unfortunately, the knowledge in question is pure fiction, and the power is being exerted over the unsuspecting and ill-informed consumer.  Even in the fantasy worlds of science fiction the claims propounded by this company would be suspect.  Here and now, it is nothing more than molecular snake oil.  But it must be remembered that there was once a real market for snake oil.  The Genetic Absurd is thus the clash between the human search for meaning in our genome and our inability to find meaning there.  While this instance is so far removed from the reality of molecular biology that it would be a riotous joke—that is, if people weren’t spending their money on its illusory promises.

Andrew Thibedeau


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