Global Forum To Build DNA Database Of Somali Pirates By 2012

by jeeg 29. June 2011 21:12

The international forum tasked with countering piracy off the coast of Somalia, plans to set up a DNA database of pirates by the end of next year, as part of its efforts to cut off illicit funds that finance pirates.


To effectively disrupt the flow of illegal funds that finance pirates, a database containing pirates' DNA profiles, names, passport numbers and other information will be set up by 2012," Moon Ha-yong, South Korea's ambassador for global counter-terrorism told Yonhap news agency after the one-day CGPCS meeting.


CGPCS or Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia is established in 2009 under a United Nations Security Council Resolution to coordinate actions among some 50 nations and organisations to combat Somali pirates.


Moon said the proposed database will be a "base for other international actions against piracy" in waters off Somalia.


"Piracy is a part of organized crime, so it will have a significant impact on repelling pirates if illicit funds were cut off," Moon said.


So far, the global forum has collected DNA profiles from some 480 pirates.


In the CGPCS conference, the participants also discussed measures to share information on pirates and strengthen efforts to prevent money-laundering practices in Somalia and its neighbouring nations.


Since 2009, South Korea has deployed a destroyer with some 300 Navy special troops in the Gulf of Aden to patrol pirate-infested waters off the African nation under a U.S.-led multinational campaign.


Bernama News Agency


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