Genetically Modified Foods: Questions Remain

by jeeg 10. February 2014 18:43

Contrary to the assertions of Jayson Lusk and Henry I. Miller, genetically modified crops have perpetuated the need for ever-larger amounts of harmful pesticides, worsening the development and spread of herbicide-resistant weeds and destroying the food sources for beneficial insects like the monarch butterfly.

Moreover, engineered traits have produced only modest to no gains in yield depending on the crop in question and are falling behind productivity improvements in more traditional breeding and crop production methods, including drought resistance.

What we need to focus on are these more environmentally friendly, lower cost alternatives that help put more profit in the pockets of farmers, not corporations and the hedge funds that invest in them.

New York, Feb. 3, 2014

New York Times

The writers are, respectively, board chairman and president of the Council for Responsible Genetics and co-editors, with Ralph Nader, of the forthcoming book “The G.M.O. Deception.”


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