Exclusive GeneWatch Preview: A Review of Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance

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Nicholas Wade's new book on the biology of human races, A Troublesome Inheritance, has by now been reviewed in many venues. In it, he argues that new scientific understandings of our genetic inheritance are increasing our understanding of differences among humans. And yet, Wade argues, political sensitivities are holding back research. Reviews of the book have stretched from cries of overt racism to praise for shunning political correctness. Yet none have directly attacked the scientific underpinnings of his arguments.


Until now.


In a GeneWatch magazine exclusive preview, Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall of the American Museum of Natural History examine the science and premises in A Troublesome Inheritance.  In so doing, they systematically pick apart the mistakes that are routinely committed when genomics and genetic information are used to examine the biological basis for human races, and are used as a justification for reifying race as a biological reality.


As DeSalle and Tattersall point out, “only if the premises of these chapters have any scientific validity can the…book be taken seriously.” And they conclude: “It's all based on some very bad science.”


Read the hard hitting, science-based review today:






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