Consumer Activists Unite to Demand Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods

by jeeg 15. March 2011 23:44

A growing number of consumer activists are staging demonstrations all over the US, with the largest so far at theWhite House on March 26, 2011.


They demand labeling of genetically modified foods and they’re urging activists around the country to

“Rally for the Right to Know” locally. The idea has spread like wildfire with other grassroots rallies

already being planned in Colorado, California,Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida and Oregon to

coincide with the rally inWashington DC.


Their demands are simple:


1.We have the right to know and want genetically modified foods labeled.

2.We want factory farmed animal and genetically modified animal products labeled.

3.We want independent, transparent, long-term studies done on the safety of GMO’s for animals, plants

and humans.

4.We want the organic industry protected from cross-contamination and law suits to organic farmers.

The FDA currently considers GM foods “substantially equivalent” and therefore doesn’t require labeling.


There is a growing body of evidence that show:

• Health and environmental concerns.

• Corporate control of world food and seed supplies, and monopolization through patents, government

lobbying and corporate interest over human interest in all levels of government.


Rally Organizer, TrishWright “We will not stop in our efforts to accomplish our goals. If the FDA won’t

tell people, we will. Our freedom of choice is being violated by the FDA not requiring these products to

be labeled.”


To date, the majority of commodity crops are genetically engineered. (Soy, corn, canola, cotton). Many

deregulated crops such as GE Alfalfa and GE Sugar Beet, being planted in 2011, have the ability to

destroy the organic industry.


People are asked to participate in or organize a rally in their area.


Visit:  for more information.



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