Canadian Board won't back DNA database for 'all citizens'

by jeeg 24. May 2010 04:36

Kingston police board members want no part of a drive by another eastern Ontario board to create a DNA databank that has a sample from every Canadian.

The North Grenville police board passed a resolution in January, suggesting that the provincial umbrella group for all boards lobby the provincial and federal governments to establish a DNA databank for "all citizens."

The motion came before the Kingston board for consideration Thursday.


"I wouldn't support this," said Mayor Harvey Rosen, who sits on the police board. "The government has enough information."

Board member Mark Gerretsen noted that no central database exists of everyone's fingerprints.

"It's just a little too right of centre for me," he said.

The board passed a motion unanimously rejecting the idea.

The North Grenville motion mentions the conviction of innocent people, the difficulty of identifying victims of mass tragedies, the early identification of congenital defects and the fact that crime investigations are lengthy and costly as reasons to support the all-inclusive database.


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