CRG endorsed GE-Free Seed Trader Launches

by jeeg 15. October 2013 22:51

The GE-Free Seed Trader recently launched.  It is an international social networking platform that allows commercial and non-commercial seed savers, growers, traders, buyers and sellers alike to share safe, genetically engineered-free seeds.  The GE-Free Seed Trader puts the consumer, and the producer in charge of their food, and enables them to control where it comes from.

The GE-Free Seed Trader and the Council for Responsible Genetics have worked together to bring you the Safe Seed Pledge, which lays the ground rules for safe sellable seeds throughout the site.


“We, at GE-Free SeedTrader aim to create an online social safe haven for people all around the world to come and share, discover, buy and sell GE-free seeds to help people create and enjoy a healthier life.  We want to put the people back in control of our food system“

~   Shamus Quirk - GE-Free SeedTrader CEO


Try the GE-Free Seed Trader today at:


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