CRG Led Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative Publishes Article in the Egyptian Journal of Forensic Science

by jeeg 9. June 2014 18:40


The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative ( is a civil society-led project which aims to set human rights standards for DNA databases around the world, by establishing best practice and involving experts, policy makers and members of the public in open debate. The authors have collected a comprehensive data set of information on the state of forensic DNA profiling and the development of DNA databases for policing purposes in more than 100 countries. The information is available in wiki which can be expanded, updated or corrected by interested persons (


A summary of the current global situation and issues for debate highlights: (1) a growing global consensus on the need for legislative provisions for the destruction of biological samples and deletion of innocent people’s DNA profiles, following the European Court of Human Rights’ judgement on this issue in 2008; (2) emerging best practice on scientific standards and standards for the use of DNA in court which are necessary to prevent miscarriages of justice; (3) ongoing debate regarding the appropriate safeguards for DNA collection from suspects; restrictions on access, use and data sharing across borders; and data protection standards.


There is an ongoing need for greater public and policy debate as DNA databases expand around the world. Some safeguards are implemented at the national or regional level but there is an ongoing lack of global standards and a need for more societal engagement and debate.


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