CRG Joins Open Letter and Campaign on Living with GMOs

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Today CRG joined with other NGOs , scientists, anti-GM groups, celebrities, food manufacturers, and others representing 57 million Americans to publish an Open Letter to the UK and the entire EU warning of the serious and manifold hazards of GMO crops - and promising our support in our fight against them.

The letter is a timely document because politicians and regulators in the UK and the rest of Europe are currently deciding on the future of policies and laws affecting the regulation of GMOs. European countries have banned commercial plantings of GMOs for decades but the pressure from biotechnology lobbyists and trade negotiations like the TAFTA (Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement) and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), have reopened the policy and legal debate around the importation and sale of GMO crops.

The Letter from America defines the non-GMO struggle as “an urgent international issue” and expresses the “need to work together – and quickly – to protect our global food system and ourselves.”  The copiously referenced letter outlines the vast range of environmental, political, and economic problems and challenges that American farmers, consumers and others have faced over the nearly two decades since the first commercialized genetically engineered crops were planted in the USA (ca. 1996).

Among the problems highlighted in the letter:

·      Lower yields than equivalent non-GM crops

·      Higher chemical inputs and seed prices that are 3-6 times higher than conventional seed, leading to lower profits for farmers

·      The risk of cross pollination and contamination of non-GM fields and the loss of export and organic markets due to high levels of contamination

·      Increased pesticide use; research suggests that farmers who planted Roundup Ready crops use 24% more herbicide than non-GMO farmers planting the same crops

·      Superweeds and superbugs that are resistant to either Roundup or the toxin produced by Bt plants

·      Destruction of the natural environment including threats to beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies and harm to important soil organisms

·     Studies showing numerous threats to health from eating GM foods and their associated pesticides.

·      Lack of scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs

·      Increasing corporate control over the food supply

The Letter from America initiative is part of “a larger campaign to reignite grassroots interest and involvement in the issue of GMOs”. For more information, including signatories and to read and join the letter, please visit the website,


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