CRG Issues Report on Gene Patents

by jeeg 6. August 2010 01:26

The Council for Responsible Genetics has issued a new report exploring the cost and scope of gene patents in the U.S. Basic research into human genetics and genomics has revealed some useful discoveries about the link between genes and human health and disease.  These discoveries have often lead to useful inventions for diagnostic and therapeutic tools – many of which public and private organizations have chosen to patent.  However, because gene discovery has proven to be so potentially useful, many researchers and firms have rushed to patent genes before developing any useful invention, thus potentially preventing others from using that genetic knowledge in developing new, improved, or alternative diagnostics or therapies. Furthermore, even where useful inventions have led to patents, the breadth of these claims in the patent may preempt further study and invention based on that gene, potentially stifling new research into important human diseases. Since public money has funded a large part of the basic research leading to these patents, these assertions of ownership and exclusion are highly unjust.  The full report can be accessed here:


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