Boston Communities Fight Against Environmental Injustice as NIH and BU Push for Biolab in Roxbury/South End

by jeeg 11. April 2013 18:37

The fight for environmental justice in Boston will continue at the Moakley Courthouse. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday, April 11th, when Judge Patti Saris will hear cross-motions for summary judgment and the Stop the BU Bio-Terror Lab Coalition’s motion for a permanent injunction against the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Boston University’s (BU) bio-terror lab. This is a fight to save the Boston area, as well as surrounding communities, from the threat of accidental and intentional release of lethal, weaponized pathogens. This fight has been going on for over ten years, and needs the support of everyone in the community to win.

The NIH has been assessing the risks of building a Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) lab on Albany Street in Boston since 2006 and has not been able to adequately prove that this lab would not endanger the lives of the communities around it. The National Research Council (NRC) which is a part of the National Academies has faulted NIH’s assessments in the past as being “not sound and credible.” In July 2012, the NIH released their latest assessment of the risks associated with the proposed bio-terror lab, and in January 2013, issued a final Record of Decision which ended all investigations into the risks of a such a lab in Boston. This time, the NRC stated that the “failure of protective equipment and failure to follow procedures on the part of personnel are underestimated in the analyses.” This is evidence that a bio-terror lab in a location as densely populated as Roxbury and the South End could cause major damage to residents and the environment. And, as past events such as that in Fukushima has proven, all communities on the eastern coast of Massachusetts would suffer from exposure.


Small bio-terror lab accidents occur almost daily. Major accidents may be less common, but are a threat to everyone living in proximity to these types of labs. If you care about your health and well-being, come support the Coalition at this hearing. If you care about the lives of your children and family members, come support the Coalition at this hearing. If you care about the future of your neighborhood, your friends and neighbors in Boston and all of Massachusetts, come support the Safety Net and Coalition at this hearing.


Klare Allen, Roxbury Safety Net



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