Anti-Immigrant Legislation, Eugenics & the Far Right

by jeeg 7. May 2010 14:24


Is it surprising that SB 1070, Arizona’s legislation that legalizes racial profiling, and similar state bills are connected to eugenics and the far right wing? In at least 7 of the 11 states where Arizona copy-cat bills are being discussed, key lawmakers are linked to the far-right legislative network “State Legislators for Legal Immigration,” active in 35 states. This group is the legislative arm of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an organization that receives funding from a eugenics foundation.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), FAIR has received more than $1 million in grants from the Pioneer Fund, a eugenics organization that espouses a connection between race and intelligence and has been supporting eugenics projects for over 70 years. In 2007, SPLC added them to its list of organized hate groups. Founded by John Tanton over 30 years ago, FAIR has been leading the anti-immigrant movement. Tanton has warned of a “Latin onslaught” and is associated with white supremacist organizations and funders.

Science has long refuted eugenics and exposed it for what it is: an attempt to give the impression of scientific imprimatur to ignorance and racism. A long tragic history of eugenics in the United States fueled miscegenation laws, segregation policies, and the creation of eugenic sterilization laws resulting in at least 30,000 sterilizations, stoking racial hatred and serving as a bulwark of American racial ideology. As Michael Yudell of Drexel University notes in a paper on the history of science and race: “It must be stated that the genetic claims of racial difference advocated by eugenicists – from differences in intelligence to disease rates to musicality – have all been shown to be false.”

In the present climate, it is critically important for scientists and racial justice advocates to come together to expose hatred masquerading as science and halt the spread of legislation seeking to codify misinformation, ignorance and bigotry.

Kathy Sloan



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Sam A

I'm actually encouraged by the backlash from SB 1070 - and if public outrage doesn't sink this approach, a constitutional challenge should. I'm not a lawyer, but it doesn't seem to take one to figure out that this doesn't hold up under the Equal Protection Clause or strict scrutiny. Which is why I can't wrap my head around how this bill somehow got passed.

Sam A United States |

6/18/2010 12:44:36 AM #


This piece immigration is very refreshing. Could you tell me where you got your research?

Miley United States |

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