Wanton Misconduct:A biotech whistleblower's ten year struggle against one of the world's largest corporations.

by jeeg 7. October 2013 18:24
This is the story of a whistleblower: me. I was working as a molecular biologist at a Pfizer laboratory. After I raised concerns about worker safety at the lab, I was told to stop documenting the problems I saw; when I continued to raise concerns, another employee was assigned to work on a ... [More]

DNA collection to intimidate unions - in South Korea

by jeeg 8. April 2011 20:16
  It has emerged that prosecutors have been collecting DNA samples from workers convicted of engaging in strikes and other activities. The practice, which currently targets workers who took part in a Ssangyong Motor strike and occupation of Daelim Motor, has reportedly been taking place ... [More]

OSHA at 40: Time for a Makeover

by jeeg 17. January 2011 22:53
The notion that Democrats and Republicans could come together and enact legislation that would protect American workers from on-the-job injury or death seems almost unthinkable today, but almost exactly 40 years ago, that is precisely what happened. On December 29, 1970, President Richard Nix... [More]

The Plague In Chicago-Unanswered Questions

by jeeg 15. September 2010 00:09
One year ago on September 13, 2009 at the University of Chicago, Professor Malcolm Casadaban who had been working under a US government research on Bio-terrorism and Prevention Grant passed away. The story of his death and the reasons behind his death are still a mystery despite... [More]


by jeeg 8. September 2010 23:58
Why would Pfizer, the world’s largest drug company, so mistreat and silence one of their top molecular biologists that a federal jury in Connecticut recently awarded her $1.37 million in damages? The answer promises to tear open the curtain covering hazards confronting tens of thousand... [More]

Injured Pfizer Biotech Worker And Molecular Biologist Becky McClain Endorses Dina Padilla For California Department Of Insurance Commissioner

by jeeg 18. August 2010 13:36
I am happy to endorse Dina Padilla for California Insurance Commissioner.  Dina has decades of leadership and experience in fighting for worker’s rights related to workers compensation insurance.  She is honest and takes a stand for integrity, defending injured workers who dese... [More]

OSHA seeking to stem risk of infectious agent lab hazards

by jeeg 3. June 2010 04:09
OSHA officials have recently issued a request for information on health risks from infectious agents and ways to best reduce them, according to a news report released by the Rochester Post-Bulletin."Worker safety cannot be sacrificed on the altar of innovation," David Michaels, the new OSHA di... [More]

Workers Gather to Urge New OSHA Protections

by jeeg 2. June 2010 21:52
Advocates for workers' rights, including former Pfizer Inc. scientist Becky McClain, gathered Tuesday to share stories about lax workplace safety and push passage of a new federal law to strengthen civil and criminal penalties for violating workplace regulations. "When workers die on the job,... [More]
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