Deadly infection claims San Francisco VA lab worker

by jeeg 3. May 2012 21:59
State and federal health officials are investigating how a rare and virulent bacteria strain appears to have killed a young researcher at a VA Hospital's infectious diseases lab in San Francisco, setting off alarms that the man's friends and fellow researchers also may have been exposed. The... [More]

University of Chicago Microbiologist Infected From Possible Lab Accident

by jeeg 13. September 2011 22:10
Another laboratory-acquired infection may have occurred in a University of Chicago building where 2 years ago a researcher contracted plague and later died. Late last month, a researcher who worked in the same general lab area was hospitalized with a skin infection caused by a common bacterium... [More]

Scientists say laboratory workers must be diligent

by jeeg 14. March 2011 05:43
More than 500,000 work in laboratories across the United States, and scientists say it is vital to take steps to protect themselves from the diseases they are studying. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that occupational health hazards for scientists and other lab workers include infectious... [More]
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