Why whole-genome testing hurts more than it helps

by jeeg 28. April 2015 23:32
  President Obama proposes to plunk down $215 million on "precision medicine," and the National Institutes of Health and its National Cancer Institute will spend it by sequencing the whole genome of a million or more Americans. Is whole-genome testing the path to health? The short answer ... [More]

Should Genetic Profiling Be A Staple Of Newborn Screening?

by jeeg 27. March 2014 23:50
  Recent advances in genetic science have raised the possibility that whole genome-sequencing, or WGS, will soon become a staple of newborn screening programs — a development some say could revolutionize preventive care and personalized medicine. WGS proceeds by “decoding”... [More]

Whole-genome sequencing for clinical use faces many challenges, study finds

by jeeg 13. March 2014 23:01
  Whole-genome sequencing has been touted as a game-changer in personalized medicine. Clinicians can identify increases in disease risk for specific patients, as well as their responsiveness to certain drugs, by determining the sequence of the billions of building blocks, called nucleotid... [More]

The right to genetic ignorance

by jeeg 7. September 2013 01:34
People should be free to choose whether to be informed about risk factors in their genomes, or those of their children THE age of genomic medicine is dawning. Whole-genome sequencing is starting to transform the diagnosis of rare inherited diseases, and within a few decades it could be a rout... [More]

The Value of Your Genome

by jeeg 11. December 2012 20:24
  Whole genome sequencing is unlikely to become a routine part of medicine anytime soon.   In this era of plummeting DNA sequencing costs, we frequently hear the claim that soon everyone should have their whole genome sequenced. However, two implicit assumptions underlie such claims... [More]

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine: Whole Genome Sequencing in Medicine

by jeeg 26. November 2012 23:38
With whole genome sequencing (WGS) quickly becoming more affordable and accessible, debates are quickly turning to how such next generation technologies will be integrated into clinical care and how and under what circumstances they will benefit patients and the greater public good.   &... [More]

NIH seeks proposals to study genomic sequencing in newborn period

by jeeg 10. August 2012 19:02
The National Institutes of Health is seeking proposals for research projects on the implications of information obtained from sequencing the genome to identify diseases in newborns. The intent of funding such projects is to further the understanding of disorders that appear during the newborn pe... [More]

Whole Genome Sequencing Not Informative for All, Experts Say

by jeeg 8. May 2012 20:49
With sharp declines in the cost of whole genome sequencing, the day of accurately deciphering disease risk based on an individual's genome may seem at hand. But a study involving data of thousands of identical twins by Johns Hopkins investigators finds that genomic fortune-telling fails to provi... [More]
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