Have researchers really discovered any genes for behavior? Candidates welcome

by jeeg 3. May 2011 22:42
A couple of science-writing colleagues objected to my recent post on the "warrior gene." Both accuse me of throwing the baby of modern behavioral genetics—which seeks to link complex behavioral traits to specific genes—out with the bathwater of media hype. Naturally, my innate bell... [More]

Code rage: The "warrior gene" makes me mad! (Whether I have it or not)

by jeeg 3. May 2011 22:34
Just when you think the blame-it-on-our-genes craze can't get worse, the "warrior gene" goes viral. The latest media outlet to flog it is the Dr. Phil show, which on April 4 broadcast "Born to Rage?". From the promo: "Scientists believe they may know why some people are quicker to anger than o... [More]
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