Vt. high court to weigh pre-conviction DNA testing

by jeeg 20. August 2012 23:38
The Vermont Supreme Court has been asked to rule on the constitutionality of a 2009 law allowing the state to take DNA samples from people charged with but not yet convicted of crimes.   Lower court rulings effectively have blocked the state from carrying out the law, says a lawyer who ... [More]

Vermont defense lawyers challenging expansion of DNA collection law

by jeeg 28. December 2011 21:30
Some Vermont defense attorneys are challenging the expansion of state law that allows DNA samples to be taken from more criminal suspects and the issue is likely to end up before the state Supreme Court. Defense attorneys across the state are claiming that requiring more people to submit DNA samp... [More]


by jeeg 1. March 2011 21:07
VERMONT JOINS CALIFORNIA AND MASSACHUSETTS ADVANCING GENETIC PRIVACY EFFORTS   Vermont has become the third state in 2011 to introduce genetic privacy legislation- following on the heels of legislative action in first Massachusetts and then California. Each of these individual measures ... [More]

Vt. law on drug data mining ruled unconstitutional

by jeeg 1. December 2010 23:26
An appeals court says a Vermont law that restricts companies' use of information about the drugs doctors prescribe is unconstitutional. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled Tuesday that the law on so-called data mining is a commercial free speech restrict... [More]
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