Couple urged surrogate to abort fetus due to defect

by jeeg 7. October 2010 01:26
When a B.C. couple discovered that the fetus their surrogate  mother was carrying was likely to be born with Down syndrome, they  wanted an abortion. The surrogate, however, was determined to take  the pregnancy to term, sparking a disagreement that has raised  thorny ques... [More]

India to Introduce Legislation Regulating Surrogacy

by jeeg 2. August 2010 19:53
Shabnum Nur Mohammed Sheikh's reasons for bearing another woman's child are straightforward: the 60 rupees (80p) her husband earns from his food stall each day buys dinner but little else. Shabnum's first surrogate pregnancy got her out of a shared shack in a slum and into a small flat. Her s... [More]

Misconception: Possible Pitfalls with Use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies

by jeeg 11. May 2010 05:56
  The national media has been giving much coverage to the story of the Midwestern couples whose frozen embryos were mixed up, resulting in implantation of the wrong embryo. Featured on the Today Show and in People Magazine, Shannon and Paul Morell have been promoting their book “Miscon... [More]
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