Supreme Court gives tacit approval for government to take anybody’s DNA

by jeeg 2. March 2015 22:10
  The Supreme Court on Monday let stand the conviction of a rapist whose prosecution rested on DNA swiped from the armrests of an interrogation-room chair. Without comment, the justices refused to review a 4-3 decision from Maryland's top court that upheld the life sentence and conviction o... [More]

Law Professor Asks Supreme Court to Hear DNA Case

by jeeg 5. February 2015 22:50
Prof. Warnken Seeks Overturning of Client’s Rape Case, Hopes Justices Will Consider Implications of ‘Sweat Test’ University of Baltimore School of Law Associate Professor Byron L. Warnken has filed a request with the United States Supreme Court, seeking a hearing in hopes of... [More]

Artist creates faces from DNA left in public

by jeeg 9. September 2013 23:32
We leave genetic traces of ourselves wherever we go -- in a strand of hair left on the subway or in saliva on the side of a glass at a cafe. So you may want to think twice the next time you spit out your gum or drop a cigarette butt in public. New York artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg might pick... [More]
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