Court’s DNA Ruling Brings U.S. a Step Closer to ’Gattaca’

by jeeg 4. June 2013 00:20
  The day that DNA cheek swabs officially became the new fingerprints deserves to be marked and remembered -- and not just because of the inevitable march of technology. No, the Supreme Court’s 5-4 holding today in Maryland v. King, that anyone arrested for a “serious crime&r... [More]

In a close 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court comes out on the wrong side of history allowing taking of DNA upon arrest

by jeeg 3. June 2013 20:47
Routine DNA Testing After Arrest Upheld by Top U.S. Court States can routinely collect DNA samples from people who are arrested for a serious crime, a divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled, limiting privacy rights and giving police a powerful investigative tool for solving old crimes.   The... [More]

Supreme Court: US genes patent decision may depend on strands in Myriad argument

by jeeg 28. May 2013 21:43
It was obvious from the questions they asked and analogies that they dreamt up that the nine US Supreme Court justices hearing one of the most important and complex patent cases in a decade were not wholly comfortable with the subject at hand.   The question before them – whether ... [More]

Defending Genomic Liberty

by jeeg 16. May 2013 01:12
The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments and examined one of the most pivotal cases in healthcare and personalized medicine: AMP v. Myriad Genetics. The case will determine if patents on human genes should be allowed, and the Court is expected to issue a decision next month. This case i... [More]

Intellectual Property Rights Gone Wild

by jeeg 14. May 2013 23:54
The Supreme Court recently began deliberations in a case that highlights a deeply problematic issue concerning intellectual property rights: Can human genes—your genes—be patented? Put another way, should someone essentially be permitted to own the right, say, to test whether you hav... [More]

Supreme Court rules for Monsanto in genetically modified soybean case

by jeeg 13. May 2013 21:23
The Supreme Court agreed with Monsanto on Monday that an Indiana farmer’s un­or­tho­dox planting of the company’s genetically modified soybeans violated the agricultural giant’s patent. The court unanimously rejected farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman’s argu... [More]

Some Thoughts on Myriad After the Supreme Court Argument

by jeeg 2. May 2013 22:18
On April 15, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics. This was another significant step—probably the penultimate one—in the long-running Myriad drama. It began with a group of plaintiffs (including researchers, doctors, an... [More]

Natural justice

by jeeg 18. April 2013 22:08
THE nine justices on America’s Supreme Court must apply their minds to the thorniest of legal questions. On April 15th they were presented with a particularly testing puzzler: should the law allow people to patent human genes?   The case is the culmination of a battle that began i... [More]

Gene Patents Are Sabotaging the Future of Medicine

by jeeg 18. April 2013 22:02
The business of DNA is undergoing a revolution. We can already get our genes scanned for the bargain-basement price of $99. Soon we’ll be able to have entire genomes sequenced for less than the cost of a MacBook Air. That’s huge considering that not so long ago it cost billions of do... [More]

Supreme Court considers gene patents

by jeeg 16. April 2013 22:42
The Supreme Court on Monday seemed skeptical that a human gene can be patented but also worried about what a decision to bar such patents would mean for private scientific inquiry and research.   Even the normally confident justices expressed some trepidation as they considered the comp... [More]
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