Long-term storage of digital information in DNA is possible

by jeeg 9. February 2015 23:53
  It is evident from samples from mammoths, bears, and other fossils: sequenceable DNA can last up to several hundred thousand years. But one does not necessarily need fossil bones as capsules of silica glass spheres can do the same job, as Robert N. Grass and colleagues from the ETH Zurich ... [More]

Privacy Issues Stall Newborn Screening Bill

by jeeg 1. December 2014 21:55
  A bill that would support newborn screening nationwide has stalled in Congress because some Republican senators have privacy concerns about genetic research funded by the legislation. The senators won’t comment individually, but the Senate Steering Committee has indicated it wants a... [More]

Minnesota Parents, State Law Now Requires You to Opt Out of Blood Samples Storage Involving Your Newborns

by jeeg 13. May 2014 21:52
  Minnesota’s governor last week signed a bill to reinstate a practice that allows doctors to take blood samples from newborns and store them indefinitely unless their parents opt out, prompting concern from privacy advocates. All newborns across the country receive screening tests... [More]

Privacy activists decry bill to restore newborn blood sample storage

by jeeg 27. March 2014 21:04
  The Minnesota Department of Health would regain broad authority to test and store blood samples from newborn babies under legislation that has pitted medical privacy activists against advocates of public health and medical research. The bill, which has passed key committees in the House a... [More]

CRG Testifies Against Rollback of Newborn Privacy Protections

by jeeg 18. March 2014 04:50
March 17, 2014 Chairman John Lesch House Civil Law Committee Minnesota House of Representatives RE: HF 2526 Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee. Founded in 1983, the Council for Responsible Genetics is the oldest national bioethics organization in the United States. We led successful... [More]

Most States Unclear About Storage, Use Of Babies' Blood Samples

by jeeg 28. March 2011 23:22
State laws and policies governing the storage and use of surplus blood samples taken from newborns as part of the routine health screening process range from explicit to non-existent, leaving many parents ill-informed about how their babies' left over blood might be used, according to a team led b... [More]
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