Stem Cell Research Papers Are Retracted

by jeeg 3. July 2014 18:49
  Two scientific papers that initially electrified biologists by describing an easy way to make stem cells were retracted on Wednesday by the journal that published them after they were found to be riddled with “critical errors.” The papers, published in Nature in January, were ... [More]

Stem Cell Treatments Overtake Science

by jeeg 10. September 2013 19:59
Maggie Alejos arrived here in June from St. Anne, Ill., with her husband, her daughter and a cashier’s check for $13,500, payable to the Regenerative Medicine Institute. Rail-thin, with an oxygen tube anchored above her upper lip, Ms. Alejos, a retired Army nurse, has coped with emphys... [More]

Cell reviewing allegations of image reuse in human embryonic stem cell cloning paper

by jeeg 23. May 2013 22:43
  Cell is looking into whether the authors of a widely hailed study published last week claiming to have turned human skin cells into embryonic stem cells manipulated images inappropriately, Retraction Watch has learned. The potential image problems came to light on PubPeer, a site desi... [More]

Stem Cell Lawsuit Finally Over

by jeeg 10. January 2013 21:03
The Supreme Court today rejected a request to ban U.S.-funded research on human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). The decision brings to an end a long legal battle that has cast a shadow over hESC studies for over 3 years.   Two scientists who study adult stem cells filed their suit, Sherle... [More]

Geron Is Shutting Down Its Stem Cell Clinical Trial

by jeeg 15. November 2011 21:32
The company conducting the world’s first clinical trial of a therapy using human embryonic stem cells said on Monday that it was halting that trial and leaving the stem cell business entirely. The company, Geron, said that its move did not reflect a lack of promise for the controversia... [More]

Are we finally able to repair our own organs?

by jeeg 15. November 2011 21:28
The dream of regenerating human organs is as old as Prometheus. Chained to his rock, the Titan survived attacks by an eagle that feasted on his liver by growing it anew under cover of darkness. When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, her shocker on the creation of life, she gave it the alternati... [More]

Stem cell patents ruled illegal in Europe

by jeeg 19. October 2011 21:22
Stem-cell researchers in Europe have been left dismayed by a ruling today outlawing patents on stem cells obtained through destruction of human embryos. Issued today by the European Court of Justice, the region's highest court, the ruling essentially declares illegal patents on stem cells ex... [More]

US court victory for embryonic stem cell research

by jeeg 1. August 2011 23:24
A District Court judge in the US has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to ban federal funding for human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research. The decision, by Judge Royce Lambeth, is the latest development in the case of Sherley v Sebelius – a landmark lawsuit filed against the US's st... [More]

Court Allows Funding of Stem Cell Research to Continue

by jeeg 29. September 2010 11:21
An appeals court ruled Tuesday that government funding of embryonic stem cell research can continue for now. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington granted the Obama administration's request to allow the funding from the National Institutes of Health while it appeals a judge's order blocking... [More]

Bill Introduced in Senate to Legalize Stem Cell Funding

by jeeg 14. September 2010 00:57
Sen. Arlen Specter on Monday initiated a drive to legalize federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, superseding conflicting court decisions that he said are slowing critical work to find cures for crippling diseases. The Pennsylvania Democrat, speaking on the Senate floor as senator... [More]
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