Marine Mammal Diversity Can Be Monitored Accurately With DNA

by jeeg 31. December 2013 18:15
Researchers have determined that DNA barcoding could be useful in accurately monitoring marine mammal biodiversity. Up to now, scientists have had a difficult time monitoring marine mammal biodiversity. Some species can be easily observed, while others are more difficult because of their scarcity... [More]

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine-DNA Barcoding: The Quiet Revolution

by jeeg 20. December 2013 20:59
Are the boots you’re wearing made from an endangered species?  Is that really beef you’re eating?   Does that new herbal supplement you’re taking actually contain St. John’s Wort?   DNA barcoding is a simple, standardized way of identifying specie... [More]

Why Efforts to Bring Extinct Species Back from the Dead Miss the Point

by jeeg 29. May 2013 00:03
“We will get woolly mammoths back.” So vowed environmentalist Stewart Brand at the TED conference in Long Beach, Calif., in February in laying out his vision for reviving extinct species. The mammoth isn't the only vanished creature Brand and other proponents of “de-extinctio... [More]
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