DNA: The missing justice link

by jeeg 11. October 2013 18:42
When Oscar Thwala was sentenced to life imprisonment 10 years ago on three counts of rape, two counts of kidnapping, and illegal possession of ammunition and firearms, he’d never heard of DNA or of its use as a forensic tool in criminal investigations.   So, when his lawyer told t... [More]

South African National Assembly approves DNA bill

by jeeg 29. August 2013 22:05
The so-called DNA bill is one step closer to being signed into law after the National Assembly passed it on Thursday afternoon. There was a lengthy delay before the bill was finally approved as the House sought to achieve a quorum. Even after the bells had been rung for five minutes to sum... [More]

DNA proposals in South Africa ‘violate rights of the innocent’

by jeeg 13. June 2013 21:17
Latest version of law to create DNA database criticised for having provisions that violate human rights of innocent persons WHILE the latest version of a law to create a DNA database has been welcomed as an improvement on the 2009 version, it has been criticised for having provisions that v... [More]

Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative Criticizes South African DNA Database Legislation

by jeeg 23. May 2013 00:00
The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative (FGPI) is a global human rights project, chaired by the Council for Responsible Genetics, GeneWatch UK and Privacy International, which is dedicated to ensuring that the expansion of DNA databases is consistent with human rights principles. ... [More]

Corruption at South African forensic lab sabotages convictions

by jeeg 14. September 2012 02:02
ALLEGED wide-scale corruption and theft at the country's leading police forensic science laboratory is leading to massive backlogs in the finalisation of horrific crimes, including sexual assaults. A detailed dossier compiled by the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) has blown open ... [More]

South African Police back in Parliament to recommend DNA database

by jeeg 21. June 2012 02:57
CONVICTED criminals will have to wait for six years after their release from prison before their DNA samples are removed from a national database, the recently concluded policy on the creation of a DNA database for crime investigation has recommended to Parliament.   Some years ago a dr... [More]

Crunch time for DNA database in South Africa

by jeeg 14. June 2012 22:24
The Secretariat for Police is set to present a DNA policy, which is going to underpin the second draft of the DNA Bill, to the Portfolio Committee for Police on Wednesday. The Secretariat of Police provides strategic advice to the Minister of Police.   The DNA Bill will allow South Afri... [More]
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