Scientists hoping to ease interpretation of the DNA ‘book of life’-CRGs Dr Robert Green in the News

by jeeg 19. May 2014 20:57
  On paper, Dr. Robert C. Green should be worried. An analysis of his DNA flagged a rare mutation in a gene linked to a condition that causes facial deformities at birth. But Green only has to look in the mirror to know that he does not have the disorder, Treacher Collins syndrome. &... [More]

Controversial guidelines suggest patients should be informed what risks lurk in their DNA

by jeeg 21. March 2013 23:32
Doctors who sequence a patient’s full set of genes for any medical reason should look for two dozen unrelated genetic conditions and tell the individual if they find any of them lurking in the DNA, according to a long-awaited report led by a medical geneticist from Boston. Released Th... [More]
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