Stem Cell Lawsuit Finally Over

by jeeg 10. January 2013 21:03
The Supreme Court today rejected a request to ban U.S.-funded research on human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). The decision brings to an end a long legal battle that has cast a shadow over hESC studies for over 3 years.   Two scientists who study adult stem cells filed their suit, Sherle... [More]

Stop Hyping Alzheimer's Cures, Learn to Care for People Who Have the Disease

by jeeg 9. August 2012 22:20
You can’t escape the seemingly ubiquitous news stories about the latest cure for Alzheimer’s. There is only one problem: None of them are true. Some are simply frauds. But many are over-hyped interpretations of serious research. You know the story…In what may be a major breakth... [More]

Ethics debate in genetics research

by jeeg 27. February 2012 19:11
By the time Camilla Black Grondahl became pregnant with her second child in 2010, she had already watched two older sisters bury sons who were born with a congenital affliction that gave them the appearance of “little old men.” Various health problems made their survival impossible... [More]

Battle Over Gene Patents Most Likely Headed to Supreme Court

by jeeg 22. August 2011 21:00
Courts need to be the keepers of the Constitution. But the Federal Circuit has failed its duty in the current battle over the patentability of isolated genes and gene sequences that are crucial to the fight against breast and ovarian cancer. First some history. The BRCA genes, which contain ... [More]

US court victory for embryonic stem cell research

by jeeg 1. August 2011 23:24
A District Court judge in the US has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to ban federal funding for human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research. The decision, by Judge Royce Lambeth, is the latest development in the case of Sherley v Sebelius – a landmark lawsuit filed against the US's st... [More]

China establishes national gene bank in Shenzhen

by jeeg 20. June 2011 23:44
China established its first national gene bank on Friday in south China's city of Shenzhen with the support of the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), officials said. With the establishment of the National Gene Bank in Shenzhen, China will be able to better protect, research and utilize its pre... [More]

An Epidemic of False Claims

by jeeg 2. June 2011 00:03
False positives and exaggerated results in peer-reviewed scientific studies have reached epidemic proportions in recent years. The problem is rampant in economics, the social sciences and even the natural sciences, but it is particularly egregious in biomedicine. Many studies that claim some d... [More]

$1b effort yields no bioterror defenses

by jeeg 24. January 2011 20:49
The Pentagon is scaling back one of its largest efforts to develop treatments for troops and civilians infected in a germ warfare attack after a $1 billion, five-year program fell short of its primary goal. Even the heavy infusion of research cash and a unified effort by university labs and b... [More]

State sued over trading and selling of infant blood spots

by jeeg 9. December 2010 19:31
A federal class action lawsuit filed today in San Antonio claims the state “deceptively and unlawfully sold, traded, bartered, and distributed blood samples” from newborns in exchange for fees, lab equipment and other purposes. The suit was filed against the Texas Department of St... [More]

Like to Sleep Around? Blame Your Genes

by jeeg 3. December 2010 23:26
And the mythology of genetics continues with this story below from Stephanie Pappas at Yahoo News which is an excellent example of exaggeration and outright false reporting on the relevance of genetic research and the power of single gene associations- CRG Staff Wheth... [More]
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