New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine-Religion & Genetics

by jeeg 3. October 2013 23:00
Advancements in medical genetics have challenged the long-standing relationship between science and religion. Both genetics and religion can affect notions of family and parenthood, appreciation of diversity and equality, conceptualization of health and disease, and personal identity.  To... [More]

What Makes a Jewish Mother

by jeeg 5. June 2013 20:42
I was 42 when my husband and I began trying to have a child. Three years later, I finally accepted it wasn’t going to happen naturally. We narrowed our options to two: use eggs donated by another woman, or adopt. We visited a couple who had adopted two children to learn more. As we talk... [More]

Pope Says Science Can Unite Humans With God

by jeeg 29. October 2010 20:33
Pope Benedict XVI told scientists that their research can lead to knowledge of God by revealing the natural order of the universe.The pope made his remarks on Thursday (Oct. 28) before a plenary session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican.The evident logic governing the univer... [More]
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