By ‘Editing’ Plant Genes, Companies Avoid Regulation

by jeeg 5. January 2015 21:11
    Its first attempt to develop genetically engineered grass ended disastrously for the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. The grass escaped into the wild from test plots in Oregon in 2003, dooming the chances that the government would approve the product for commercial use. Yet Scotts is o... [More]

Appeals Court Says Stem Cells May be Regulated as Drugs, Affirming Low Court's Decision

by jeeg 6. February 2014 20:40
The US District Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has ruled that a lower court was correct when it ruled that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could legally regulate stem cells as drugs. Background In July 2012, the US District Court of DC ruled that FDA may legally regu... [More]

Direct-to-Consumer Testing’s Constitutional Appeal

by jeeg 5. February 2014 20:43
The First Amendment may not protect someone yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but should shield 23andMe and other direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies from “overcautious” FDA regulation, two longtime supporters of test providers argue, reopen... [More]

Food Companies Take Fight Against GMO-Labeling To Federal Level

by jeeg 4. February 2014 22:10
The GMO fight is expensive. California and more than two dozen other states are considering mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. The food industry has spent more than $70 million to quash those high profile efforts in places like California and Washington State.   Now big f... [More]

Monsanto Provision Tucked in Spending Bill Draws Critics

by jeeg 3. April 2013 20:36
A plan to let farmers grow genetically modified crops developed by Monsanto during legal appeals has drawn criticism from food-safety advocates and backers of open government over how the proposal became law.   The measure, tucked into a bill to fund the federal government through S... [More]

Indian fertility clinics to come under government scanner

by jeeg 14. November 2012 01:52
Fertility clinics that help conduct surrogacy are all set to come under the scanner, with the state setting up a 10-member committee to study issues related to it. Such centres would also be brought under the ambit of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) Act, T C Benjamin... [More]

Wait, Did the USDA Just Deregulate All New Genetically Modified Crops?

by jeeg 11. July 2011 21:31
It's a hoary bureaucratic trick, making a controversial announcement on the Friday afternoon before a long weekend, when most people are daydreaming about what beer to buy on the way home from work, or are checking movie times online. But that's precisely what the US Department of Agriculture ... [More]

FDA Panel Hearing Suggests Medical Professionals May Play Role in Direct-to-Consumer Testing

by jeeg 22. March 2011 23:17
A role for professionals in direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic tests seemed like a forgone conclusion from an FDA hearing held two weeks ago, considering the agency first weighed in on the issue last spring. In May 2010, Walgreens backtracked from plans it announced two days earlier to sell a sa... [More]

FDA Panel Says Home Gene Tests Need MD Input

by jeeg 11. March 2011 23:43
Certain types of genetic tests that are available for at-home use without a prescription should not be used without the involvement of a physician or genetic specialist, an FDA advisory panel recommended. So-called direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic tests can provide information ranging from a ... [More]

FDA panel wants doctors to supervise genetic testing

by jeeg 9. March 2011 19:08
Members of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel convened to consider new government regulation of genetic testing offered directly to consumers said Tuesday that such testing should only be allowed under a doctor's supervision. Personal testing, which is mainly available online from comp... [More]
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