DNA Tests Will Finally Be Performed in Up to 70,000 Rape Cases

by jeeg 13. November 2014 22:13
  Tests have been neglected, in some cases for decades, because of the high cost Manhattan District Attorney Cryus R. Vance Jr. has pledged $35 million to fund DNA testing in as many as 70,000 rape cases nationwide. Many swabs, painstakingly collected, have been left untested because of th... [More]

Cornyn wants federal funds to help clear rape kits backlog

by jeeg 31. May 2012 23:58
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn has introduced legislation that would help clear the staggering number of untested rape kits in Houston Police storage - some 6,663 at the agency's last count - and help eliminate a nationwide backlog.   During a Wednesday news conference, city and police offi... [More]
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