Pakistani Clerics Reportedly Reverse Course On DNA Evidence In Rape Cases

by jeeg 26. September 2013 23:08
Rape cases are notoriously hard to prosecute in Pakistan. Under current law, victims must produce four witnesses -- all male, adult, and pious -- to bring rape allegations to trial. Forensic evidence, such as DNA samples, is considered only circumstantial. But that could all change soon if, as... [More]

Just 60 forensic experts and 25 labs to handle 24,923 rape cases in India

by jeeg 25. September 2013 22:58
The government’s failure to set up new forensic labs and insufficient trained manpower is causing significant delay in criminal investigations. Today, the country has only 25 forensic labs with just 60 forensic experts at work, according to a parliamentary Standing Committee report.Genet... [More]

Victims raped by the system

by jeeg 6. June 2011 23:56
Hundreds of rape kits used to help police gather evidence are gathering dust in hospitals – allowing many rapists to escape justice. These kits – officially named sexual assault kits – which contain swabs of semen and blood and other evidence needed for forensic DNA tests, ... [More]
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