Are Your Medications Safe?

by jeeg 11. February 2015 01:09
  The FDA buries evidence of fraud in medical trials. My students and I dug it up. Agents of the Food and Drug Administration know better than anyone else just how bad scientific misbehavior can get. Reading the FDA’s inspection files feels almost like watching a highlights reel from ... [More]

Rich nations not collaborating in genomics for public health, says OECD

by jeeg 20. August 2013 21:42
The development of genomics for public health is being prioritised mainly by low- and middle-income nations, with richer countries not seeking to collaborate in such research, reports the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Yet while there are to date relatively few ... [More]

BU Biolab Case Returns to Court

by jeeg 4. April 2013 21:56
CLF and affected community residents will be back in Court on April 11th arguing that the high-level biocontainment laboratory proposed by Boston University (BU) has no place in the densely populated urban environmental justice community of Roxbury/ South End. Please join us in standing up ... [More]

CRG Raises New Questions About Berkeley’s Genetic Testing Program

by jeeg 7. August 2010 02:34
The Council for Responsible Genetics, a public interest organization, is raising serious new concerns regarding UC Berkeley’s incoming freshman genetic testing program, “Bring Your Genes to Cal.” The program, designed for incoming freshman in the College of Letters and Scienc... [More]

Malformations in IVF Births are a “Public Health Issue” According to French Scientists

by jeeg 14. June 2010 20:42
Children conceived through the use of in vitro fertilization are more likely to be born with congenital malformations, according to French scientists. A report released on Sunday to the European Society of Human Genetics urges doctors to inform their patients of the risks associated with assis... [More]
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