Indiana storing blood & DNA of 2 million children without parents' consent

by jeeg 12. July 2014 15:14
As word of an Eyewitness News investigation spreads through Holliday Park, parents admit they are surprised."You're kidding, right? I had no idea," said Ramon Moore, playing catch with his 7-year-old son, Xavier."I didn't know that at all," agreed Holly Ruth, holding her 3-month old son, Lin... [More]

Newborn-screening bill would end genetic privacy

by jeeg 15. March 2014 18:21
In a recent commentary, five hospital executives tried to frighten Minnesotans into thinking that if a proposed bill isn’t passed in the Legislature, their babies’ lives will be in danger. The truth is that Senate File 2047 and House File 2526 would not change newborn screening. Rathe... [More]
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