China Bans Genetic Testing

by jeeg 17. March 2014 22:27
  For nearly a half-century, interrupted only by the Cultural Revolution, China promoted the growth of genetic testing to prevent and address birth defects through state-run hospitals, as well as charities and increasingly in recent years, private enterprises. Then last month, China reverse... [More]

DNA blood test can detect prenatal problems

by jeeg 4. March 2014 00:35
A large new study led by Boston researchers shows that a simple blood test is more accurate than the standard methods to screen for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome in a fetus, paving the way for a new generation of prenatal genetic tests to be offered to all pregnant women. The re... [More]

Is genetic testing humans playing God?

by jeeg 24. February 2014 18:27
"It's a miracle," she told me. "We can now have a baby that won't have Huntington's disease. I thought I'd never be able to have any kids -- because of the disease." Her father had died from this disorder, which results from a gene mutation. She feared that she might have the mutation, too. But sh... [More]

An Ethics for the Future of Genetic Testing

by jeeg 31. December 2013 05:08
The available prenatal testing technologies for expectant parents are constantly changing in dramatic and subtle ways, and 2013 saw its share of those changes. These tests are tricky territory, especially when it comes to genetic screening. What can these technologies reliably offer to those anxio... [More]

ACOG OKs Cell Free DNA Prenatal Testing for High-Risk Women

by jeeg 30. November 2012 23:10
Cell free fetal DNA testing is an effective screening tool for fetal aneuploidy and should be offered to high-risk women, but should not form part of routine prenatal laboratory assessment, according to a Committee Opinion published in the December issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The Americ... [More]

New genetic test provides precise, yet hazy results

by jeeg 20. November 2012 19:59
A new test, called chromosomal microarray technology, is providing doctors and prospective parents with more information than ever before about the genetic makeup of a baby still in the womb. But what that knowledge actually means is not always clear, causing confusion and anxiety for parents and p... [More]

Clinical Trial Is Favorable for a Prenatal Gene Test

by jeeg 10. August 2012 00:19
  A new method of prenatal testing that can detect more genetic problems in a fetus than ever before could be headed toward wider use after encouraging results from a clinical trial, researchers said. The study, which is expected to be published in a peer-reviewed medical journal so... [More]

Early prenatal test raises ethical questions

by jeeg 22. February 2012 21:52
Prenatal testing has turned into an unlikely campaign issue. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said this week that some tests, in his words, "encourage abortions." "CBS This Morning" took a look at a new test that reveals birth abnormalities at a much earlier stage. The test is sure to gi... [More]

Abortions on Disabled Babies: The Prenatal Testing Sham

by jeeg 25. May 2011 23:32
Each year, March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). The date 3/21 was chosen as a representation of the genetic cause of the condition, a triplicate of the 21st chromosome. WDSD seeks to raise awareness of a genetic condition that may very well diminish to the point of disappearing. This ... [More]
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