Screening companies pitch genetic testing for all couples planning to have children

by jeeg 8. January 2015 21:45
      Carrier screening is a type of genetic testing performed on couples who are expecting or planning for a baby to see if they may be at risk for passing a genetic disorder on to their children. Carrier screening was previously targeted at people from certain ethnic g... [More]

Geneticists' New Obsession with Pregnancy Isn't Bad for Women

by jeeg 20. August 2014 18:39
  Let the record show that epigenetics is fast becoming the top topic in pop science. Every day Google Alerts lets me know about two or three new pieces on the subject. Epigenetics, a formerly obscure branch of genetics, studies how social and environmental forces wreak heritable changes... [More]

Bump Tracker: Nine Months of Big Data

by jeeg 20. August 2014 02:13
  Anne Morriss put down the phone and rushed to where her baby lay sleeping. She watched her newborn breathe for a minute before hurriedly picking up the phone, “He’s still alive,” she said shakily. Anne and her partner had returned home from the hospital with their newborn... [More]

Genomic tools will test our resolve to remain flawed

by jeeg 6. May 2014 22:07
  Most Canadian women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome opt for an abortion, and recent advances in prenatal genome sequencing could offer hundreds of new reasons to end a pregnancy. Yet there are no rules to govern how this new technology can be used. Several medical techn... [More]

As Prenatal Testing For Down Syndrome Increases, So Do Concerns About Counseling

by jeeg 21. August 2013 21:57
Devan Weathers was pulling into her office parking lot from a lunch break when she got the phone call from her doctor. She was 20 weeks pregnant with her second child and had received two abnormal ultrasounds. Her doctor had said she would be a good candidate for a new test called "Harmony," ... [More]

Tough Calls on Prenatal Tests

by jeeg 5. April 2013 02:27
  New prenatal blood tests for genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome are reshaping care for expectant mothers, but their rapid rollout has raised fears that poorly understood results could lead to confusion among patients and doctors managing high-risk pregnancies.   Four ... [More]

Clinical Trial Is Favorable for a Prenatal Gene Test

by jeeg 10. August 2012 00:19
  A new method of prenatal testing that can detect more genetic problems in a fetus than ever before could be headed toward wider use after encouraging results from a clinical trial, researchers said. The study, which is expected to be published in a peer-reviewed medical journal so... [More]

Genetic screening of unborn babies 'may be inaccurate'

by jeeg 8. June 2012 23:10
New tests for genetic screening of unborn babies will not be 100 per cent accurate and may scare parents into believing their children will be born with a disability when they are healthy, Lord Robert Winston warns.   American experts have developed a blood test which they claim could be... [More]

Fetal gene screening comes to market

by jeeg 26. October 2011 23:20
Non-invasive procedure could make prenatal testing easier, but it comes with ethical problems.   Until last week, scrutinizing a fetus's DNA for indications of genetic abnormalities meant tapping into the mother's womb with a needle. Now there's a test that can do it using a small sampl... [More]

Test Can Tell Fetal Sex at 7 Weeks, Study Says

by jeeg 10. August 2011 21:26
A simple blood test that can determine a baby’s sex as early as seven weeks into pregnancy is highly accurate if used correctly, a finding that experts say is likely to lead to more widespread use by parents concerned about gender-linked diseases, those who are merely curious and people ... [More]
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